Monday, June 12, 2017

Sonny Rollins & Coleman Hawkins Newport Jazz Festival Newport, RI 07-06-63 FM>FLAC

OK, IÕve got one more for now.  This is from an uncirculated master reel of Sonny Rollins and Coleman Hawkins at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1963. Sonny and the band are swinging and the announcer says that there is an award thatÕs going to be presented but there isnÕt any more talking about it and they just start playing.  IÕm not aware of any other concert with Coleman Hawkins but I could be wrong. Another piece of history that I know a few of you will enjoy.  I could use some help with the song titles as I am not familiar with the names as much.  I know that you guys will be able to provide it and I will update the info and covers.  It would be nice to see a few share some of your deep Sonny Rollins archives.  I Like and the 50-60Õs Rollins....hint hint.


Total Time: 39:00 min.

1. Introduction/Award Ceremony  0:30
2. Track 1  15:18
3. Track 2 11:12
4. Track 3 12:00


Sonny Rollins: Tenor Sax
Coleman Hawkins: Tenor Sax
Paul Bley: Piano
Henry Grimes: Bass
Roy McCurdy: Drums

Source/Lineage: Reel to Reel Master /TEAC Reel to Reel Deck/Nakamichi CR2A/ Philips CR-765 / flac - dime


wcpaeb said...

Thanks for this show especially nice that Bley was in the group.
Hope you will post the link soon

Bill said...

the bley link has expired.....

Ilario Rozen said...

many many thanks for the link


Ilario Rozen said...

many thanks in advance for the link


Brad Geiger said...

Thanks Serendipity. 2 legends at their peak! Sounds great.

Bill said...

wcpaeb said...

Thanks again Bill

Here's the track list for it

1 Announcement 0:34
2 Remember (Irving Berlin) 15:16
3 All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II) 11:02
4 The Way You Look Tonight (Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern) 12:02

jayel4444 said...

Merci !