Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rob Mazurek Quintet 'Sound is', 2010.02.03, Lugano (Switzerland) Studio 2, Radio RSI Lugano, Switzerland 3. March 2010 mp2>flac

Rob Mazurek  -  cornet
Jason Adasiewicz  -  vibraphone
Josh Abrams  -  acoustic bass
Matt Lux  -  bass guitar
John Herndon  -  drums

1. intro 01:14
2. - 39:30

3. - 31:07
4. 668 - 13:12
 source: Radio RSI Rete Due > DVB-S (48 khz/256kbps) > HUMAX 8000 PVR > EDIROL-R09 > Audacity > flac
sound quality: A 

total time 85:03 - complete!


francisco santos said...

this must be great!...

anon'n'on said...

thanks's my recording of brian blade fellowship at seattle art museum 2014 single file @320

correct silence said...

Help Bill
I think there is a problem, part 3 is missing and you have given twice the link of part 2. Very good job you do by the way.

Bill said...

sorry will fix it asap. I had trouble zipping it for some reason.

Bill said...

Hopefully these will work.

correct silence said...

Seems Ok, I've just downloaded the third part that was missing first and everything open fine, thanks

Pino said...

Downloaded nicely . . . listening right now and highly recommended!! Love the double bass sound.

Also hot on the trail for trumpeters Mathias Eick and Arve Henriksen.

jayel4444 said...

Thanx a lot!!!