Thursday, May 25, 2017

Woody Shaw Parnell's, Seattle, Washington USA 1979-11-21

FM Broadcast  A

Woody Shaw-trumpet
Onaje Allan Gumbs-piano
Carter Jefferson-tenor sax
Clint Houston-bass
Victor Lewis-drums

1. DJ Intro - 1:06
2. Rosewood - 14:37
3. Why - 23:57
4. Body and Soul - 14:00
5. Stepping Stones - 13:39
6. In Your Own Sweet Way - 11:00

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Bill said...

francisco santos said...


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Bill. Woody Shaw is my favourite 'main-stream' trumpet player.

Bill said...

Me too. The minute I heard him I latched onto his tone and melodic lines. There's just something about him. Thanks for commenting. Will try to post more of him as I have other nice performances by him as well. Cheers!

jayel4444 said...

Merci !