Wednesday, May 31, 2017

EBERSON & BALKE'S JAZZ-PUNK ENSEMBLE Vossa Jazz Festival Fleischer's Hotell, Voss, Norway 11 March 1983 (video)

Source: FLV file from Norwegian TV archives
First broadcast by NRK on 6 April 1983

1. Frode Alnæs sings the blues
2. Kule-Johnny

Total time 39:49

Erik Balke - alto saxophone
Tore Brunborg - tenor saxophone
Torbjørn Sunde - trombone, vocals
Jens Wendelboe - trombone
Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet
Frode Alnæs - guitar, vocals
Jon Eberson - guitar
Jon Balke - electric piano
Atle Bakken - organ
Geir Holmsen - electric bass
Bjørn Kjellemyr - acoustic bass
Pål Thowsen - drums
Bjørn Jensen - drums
Jon Christensen - drums

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Uploaded to DIME by propylaen in March 2016.



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