Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wolfgang Puschnig Korean Spirit recorded at Großer Saal of Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna [Austria], on saturday 21 May 2016 fm>flac

Wolfgang Puschnig, alto saxophone
Christian Maurer, soprano and tenor saxophones
Florian Bramböck, alto and baritone saxophones
Klaus Dickbauer, alto and baritone saxophones

.Red Sun
Wolfgang Puschnig, alto saxophone
Karen Asatrian, piano and keyboards
Jamaaladeen Tacuma, electric bass

.SamulNori Percussion Ensemble
Kim Duk Soo, vocals and janggo drum, conduction
Lee Jun Hyoung, buk drum
Song Dong Woon, jing gong
Hong Yunki, janggo drum
Kwon Seol Hoo, kkwaenggwari gong
this was a special nigh in occasion, I believe, of Puschnig's birthday, where he played on three different settings (sometimes alltogether), with this korean percussion ensemble lead by Kim Duk Soo, thus the music here includes jazz fused with asian traditiona drumming and melodies, but it is as well freakout music as you would encounter on the great Shibusa Shirazu. This is a selection of the whole night, that mainly focuses on SamulNori collaboration  

tracklist > running time 81'38"
01- Hockzeitwalzer [Klaus Dickbauer], with Saxofour
02- Arirang Miryang [Puschnig], with Saxofour and Red sun
03- Gilnori [Kim Duk Soo], with Red Sun and SamulNori and Saxofour
04- Full House p1 [Tacuma], with Red Sun and SamulNori
05- Full House p2 [Tacuma], with Red Sun and SamulNori
06- Rabbit Story [Kim Duk Soo], with Red Sun and SamulNori
07- Heoungtaryeong [Puschnig], with Red Sun and SamulNori
08- Bird Song [Kim Duk Soo], with Red Sun and SamulNori  
09- Nong Ak [Kim Duk Soo], SamulNori alone
10- Things Untold [Puschnig], with Saxofour and Red Sun and SamulNori

FM radio broadcast by "Battiti dal Vivo", Radio3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on sunday 26 March 2017, 24:00 hours [CET].
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