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Chick Corea Trio guest John McLaughlin Théâtre Antique de Vienne, France July 11, 1991 FM>FLAC

FM > Edirol R-09 (WAV) > WaveLab > FLAC (level 8, sector-align)
Broadcasts : Les Légendes du Jazz, France Musique, february 25, 2017 (1-6) & march 4, 2017 (7-9)

Chick Corea (piano)
John Patitucci (bass)
Dave Weckl (drums)

01 Chasin' The Trane (John Coltrane)  10:27
02 Summer Night (John Coltrane)  10:33
03 Humpty Dumpty (Chick Corea)  8:47
04 'Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk)  8:46
05 Rhythm-A-Ning (Thelonious Monk)  5:15
06 Quartet No 2 - Part I (Chick Corea)  4:31
07 Quartet No 2 - Part II (Chick Corea)  26:49

Chick Corea (piano)
John McLaughlin (guitar)

08 All Blues (Miles Davis)  13:11
09 Straight No Chaser (Thelonious Monk)  12:54

(The DJ talks in beginning of track 8)

French Jam Session Studio 104, Maison de la Radio, Paris, France January 6, 1968 FM>FLAC

FM > Edirol R-09 (WAV) > WaveLab > FLAC (level 8, sector-align)
Broadcast : Les Légendes du Jazz, France Musique, march 18 & 25, 2017
Introductions by André Francis
01 Intro  1:10

Raymond Fol (piano)
Luigi Trussardi or Jacky Samson (bass)
René Nand or Charles Saudrais (drums)

02 Tristan (Raymond Fol)  4:46
03 Adagio en Bossa Nova (Raymond Fol)  4:02
04 Bilova (Raymond Fol)  4:57

05 Intro  0:31

Georges Arvanitas (piano)
Jacky Samson (bass)
Charles Saudrais (drums)

06 Colchique dans les Prés (Francine Cockenpot)  8:39
07 No Struck (Ted Curson)  3:39

08 Intro  0:11

René Urtreger (piano)
Luigi Trussardi (bass)
René Nand (drums)

09 Ruby My Dear (Thelonious Monk)  7:44
10 Jubilation (Junior Mance)/Easy Does It (Sy Oliver, Trummy Young)  6:46
11 All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern)  2:35

Eddie Louiss (organ)
Luigi Trussardi or Jacky Samson (bass)
René Nand or Charles Saudrais (drums)

12 All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern)  4:40

13 Intro  0:08

Martial Solal (piano)
Luigi Trussardi or Jacky Samson (bass)
René Nand or Charles Saudrais (drums)

14 All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern)  2:59

Raymond Fol (piano)
Luigi Trussardi or Jacky Samson (bass)
René Nand or Charles Saudrais (drums)

15 All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern)  3:56

Freddie Hubbard Quintet Berklee Performance Center Boston, Mass. U.S.A. March 8, 1980 FM>FLAC

Freddie Hubbard: trumpet
Billy Childs: piano, elec. piano
Larry Klein: electric bass
Carl Burnett: drums
Sa Davis: conga, percussion
(thanks to ubu for band line up)

  1: Ron Della Chiesa radio announcer introduction :27
  2: Tony Cennamo stage introduction 1:00
  3: take it to the ozone (and Freddie talks) 9:47
  4: happiness is now 16:00
  5: one of a kind 14:22 (end applause spliced, tape flip)
  6: the summer knows (theme from summer of '42) 10:21
  7: red clay 13:13 (with band intros near end)
  8: announcer wrap up :28 (announcer announces last song as "straight life", it's not)
thanks to jazzdi for track 3 title, thanks to jazzdi and jazamo for track 6 & 7 titles.

lineage: FM radio live broadcast (not pre-recorded) >
         Sansui 8 reciever with wire antenna >
         Sony TC-158 cassette deck (dolby off) >
         Maxell XLI master cassette >
         played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
         flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
         a this and that, masters of jazz production.
         Do not sell this recording.
         share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

GIOVANNI MIRABASSI 2017 03 16 Paris, FR, Sunside, TSF Jazz Jazzlive Broadcast FM>FLAC

FM > Zoom H1 > USB computer > Magix Studio > TLH Flac 8

01-Twilight song (kenny Barron) / sous le ciel de Paris (Edith Piaf)
02-Giovanni speaks
03-The man I love (George Gershwin)
04-Cancion con todos (Mercedes Sosa)
05-Giovanni speaks
06-Solo le pido a Dios (Mercedes Sosa)
07-L'hymne à l'amour (Edith Piaf)

Giovanni / piano solo

JEREMY PELT & LOUIS HAYES QUARTET 2017 02 11, Paris, FR, Sunside, France Musique broadcast FM FLAC

FM > Zoom H1 > USB computer > Magis Studio > TLH Flac 8

Fade in / out between tracks

01 Happy Times
02 Byrd House
03 I Will Wait for You
04 Lou's Idea
05 Is That So? [partial]

“Celebrating the 80th birthday of Louis Hayes”

Jeremy Pelt (trumpet)
Louis Hayes (drums)
Danny Grissett (piano)
Dezron Douglas (contrabass)

Mats/Morgan Band featuring NorrlandsOperan's Symphony Orchestra Umeå Jazz Festival Umeå Folkets Hus, Umeå, Sweden 28 October 2016 webstream @192

Broadcast by Swedish radio P2 Live on 7 March 2017
Producer: Kjell Oscarsson
Captured from P2 webstream as MP4 file (44.1 kHz, 192 kbps)
Source file available at

Lineage: mp4 > dBpoweramp Music Converter > wav (16/44) > Adobe Audition CS6 (tracking) > TLH > FLAC (L8, align on SBs)
Conversion & editing by propylaen

1. Serious Coffee
2. Mangko
3. The Name Of The Speaker
4. Should Be Only Was
5. Pro Tools Suddenly Crashed
6. Alain
7. Plucks
8. Double Dip
9. Try Fly
10. Klerpan
11. Elka Dacapo
12. Sylox
13. Let's Go To Norrgården
14. Mamma
15. Interview

Total time 1:08:51

Mats Öberg - keyboards
Morgan Ågren - drums
Andreas Westman - bass
Stefan Jernståhl - keyboards

NorrlandsOperan's Symphony Orchestra
Tom Trapp - conductor & arranger

Please support the artists! Buy their official releases and go to their concerts!
Trade freely! Do not sell! Keep it lossless!

Uploaded to DIME by propylaen in March 2017.


Sun Ra Arkestra Bimhuis, Amsterdam (THe Netherlands) March 24, 2017 mp3

Marshall Allen - conductor, altosax, flute
Cecil Brooks - trumpet
Tara Middleton -vocals, violin
Knoel Scott - vocals, saxes
James Stewart - tenorsax
Danny Ray Thompson - baritonesax
Dave Davis - trombone
George Burton - piano
Dave Hotep - guitar
Tyler Mitchell - bass
Elson Nascimento - percussion
Wayne Anthony Smith Jr. - drums

CD1 (first set)
01. Interview (cuts in) (10:24)
02. Stage intro (1:12)
03. Interplanetary Music (5:22)
04. The Lion of the Heavens (7:51)
05. (7:15)
06. Subducted Fantasy (6:57)
07. (7:26)
08. Sometimes I am Happy (9:17)
09. We Travel the Spaceways (3:44)
10. Announcement (1:08)
11. Bimhuis Radio presentation (0:35)

CD2 (second set)
01. (4:50)
02. (5:57)
03. Angels and Demons at Play (9:21)
04. Announcement (0:29)
05. Swirlin' (8:46)
06. (13:43)
07. Drop me off in Harlem (9:15)
08. Ask the Sunshine / Space Is The Place (13:22)
09. Band introduction (7:58)
10. Bimhuis radio outro (0:31)

MPEG1.0 Layer 3 - 192kbps - 44kHz [Bimhuis Radio LIVE webcast] > VLC player > mp3DirectCut

Wallace Roney Quintet Sunside, Paris March 24 2017 FM>FLAC

Wallace Roney, tp
Ben Salomon, ts
Oscar L. Williams jr, p
Curtis Lundy, bs
Eric Allen, dms

5 tracks

61 minutes

Source : TSF Jazz - Naim Uniti - RH-09R - Audacity - Flac 16

Thursday, March 23, 2017

phronesis & hr big band hr sendesaal frankfurt/m, germany 20.11.2015 dvb-s>flac

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station - hr 2]

ivo neame - p
jasper hoiby - b
anton eger - dr

julian arguelles - ld
hr big band:
frank wellert - tp
thomas vogel - tp
martin auer - tp
axel schlosser - tp
guenter bollmann - tb
felix fromm - tb
manfred honetschlaeger - btb
christan jaksjo - tb
heinz-dieter sauerborn - as
oliver leicht - as
tony lakatos - ts
steffen weber - ts
rainer heute - bs, bcl
martin scales - g

disc 1

01. untitled #1 09:07
02. zieding 10:36
03. announcement jasper høiby 02:02
04. charm defensive 08:24
05. unknown title 07:57
06. unknown title 07:35
07. announcement ivo neame 00:25
08. unknown title 15:11
09. announcement ivo neame 00:51
10. announcemnt julian argüelles 04:03
11. herne hill 05:41

disc 2

01. unknown title 09:11
02. unknown title 23:24
03. unknown title 07:14

Wadada Leo Smith's Great Lakes Quartet Berlin, Germany Haus der Berliner Festspiele 2016-11-03 FM>FLAC

01 Lake Michigan
02 Lake Superior
03 Lovely

Wadada Leo Smith, Jonathon Haffner (as, cl), John Lindberg (b) und Marcus Gilmore (dr)

min 58:15

FM (analog cable) - Audacity - xACT

Nordwestradio in concert: Pop & Jazz

rudresh mahanthappa quintet 'bird calls' jazzclub fasching stockholm, sweden 16.11.2016

source: stream > video download helper > audio maker > nero wave editor > flac
(aac 192 kbps) [radio station - p2]

rudresh mahanthappa - as
adam o'farrill - tp
joshua white - p
francois moutin - b
rudy royston - dr

disc 1
01. on the dl (mahanthappa) 18:59
02. chillin' (mahanthappa) 17:50
03. announcement rudresh mahanthappa 00:50
04. talin is thinking (mahanthappa) 13:43

disc 2
05. announcement rudresh mahanthappa 00:24
06. gopuram (mahanthappa) 16:30
07. sure why not (mahanthappa) 19:09

Mats Gustafsson & Nu Ensemble [Lewojazz-TomP] Music Unlimited 30 Schlachthof, Wels, Austria, Performed: 2016-11-11

Broadcast: 2017-03-05 Ö1 Jazznacht 256/48k ts-file recorded by Lewojazz > i-Sound (44.1k wav)

Quality: EX

A very fine performance and recording from Lewojazz using the best possible SQ tools, it just needed a little editing to
bring out the best of this fine set - dedicated to Frank Zappa I understand.

TomP post on Dime, March 2017... Enjoy !!

Mats Gustafsson: slide and bari sax, conductor
Mariam Wallentin: voice
Anders Nyqvist: trumpets
Joe McPhee: trp, alto sax and space organ
Agustí Fernández: piano and organ
Kjell Nordeson: vibraphon
dieb13: turntables
Per Äke Holmlander: tuba
Jon Rune Strøm: bass
lngebrigt Håker Flaten: electric bass
Paal Nilssen-Love: drums
Mikael Merliin - sound

01 - Zap 68:02

Broadcast: 2017-03-05 Ö1 Jazznacht 256/48k ts-file recorded by Lewojazz > i-Sound (44.1k wav)
Edit details (Nero 12 unless indicated):

Corrected patches of phase inversion throughout (Audition CS5.5)
DC offset correction
Cross-mixed channels, 99:1 ratio
Normalised volume
Flac Tags (Tag & Rename)
Flac 6, md5 & SBE / decode check (TLH)

Noah Preminger Quartet Music of the Mississippi Delta Blues Singers Bushnell Park, Hartford 2016-08-08

Lineage: roof covered antenna> Yamaha tuner T-70> Ayre QA9>Audacity>TLH>flac16.

set 1
oo introductions
01 I'm The Heavenly Way (Bukka White)
02 stage announcements
03 Trouble in Mind
04 Hard Times Killing Floor Blues (Skip James)
05 song intro
06 Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground (Blind Willie Johnson)
07 band introductions
08 stage announcement, interview

set 2
09 introductions
10 Parchment Farm
11 introductions
12 Future Blues
13 stage announcements
14 I Shall Not Be Moved (Mississippi John Jurt)
15 closing notes

Noah Preminger – tenor saxophone;
Dave Douglas – trumpet;
Kim Cass – bass;
Ian Froman – drums

----- -----
interview was done between sets. enjoy!
A series of free concerts in Bushnell Park, Hartford
Produced by the Hartford Jazz Society, Monday Night Jazz, the nation’s longest-running free jazz concert series, returns to downtown Hartford’s Bushnell Park for its 49th consecutive season.
Event Schedule: Opening act starts at 6 pm. Headliner starts at 7:30 pm. Jeff Fuller Trio opened.
Noah Preminger, just 29, has recorded numerous critically acclaimed albums and is steadily listed as one of the best tenor saxophonists by critics and readers on the annual Downbeat Poll. Two new recordings are expected by early 2016, including an all-ballads date on the French vinyl label, Newvelle Records, and a recording inspired by Delta Mississippi Blues musicians, Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground.

Born in 1986, Preminger grew up in Canton, Connecticut. Preminger released his debut album, Dry Bridge Road, just after his 21st birthday and was named Debut of the Year in the Village Voice Critics Poll. Preminger’s second and third albums as a leader came in 2011 and 2013 while signed to the Palmetto Records label. The Boston Globe says Preminger’s music is “… impressive, challenging, and beautiful.” The saxophonist has performed on key stages from the US to Europe and Australia, and has played and/or recorded with the likes of Billy Hart, Dave Holland, John Patitucci, Fred Hersch, Dave Douglas, Rudy Royston, Rob Garcia, Joe Lovano, Victor Lewis, John and Bucky Pizzarelli, Billy Drummond, George Cables, Roscoe Mitchell, and Dr. Eddie Henderson.

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Marc Ducret Solo [Lewojazz-TomP] A l'improviste Radio-France studio 106, Paris Recorded: 2017-01-30 mp2>flac

Source 1: Francemusique 256/48k TS-file music portions recorded by Lewojazz > i-Sound (44.1k wav)
Source 2: Inter-track applause extracted from video webstream by Lewojazz

Fine Lewojazz art is included - thanks !!

Quality: EX+

Another fine Lewojazz ts-file recording of the stunning clarity broadcast by Francemusique, it was said to feature 2 improvisations
accordingnto the French radio announcers, which were cut up and extended talk / interview sections added, but actually also had
a short Encore that became apparent from the slightly lower SQ video webstream audio extract that Lewojazz subsequently sent me,
which containedthe live applause instead of the talk sections.

Other than seamlessly stiching the 2 sources to restore the the continuous live performance, it needed very little editing and there are
still unusual sections of Marc's voice apparently speaking into the guitar strings. Both the performance and sound quality justify the
very rare EX+ rating.

TomP post on Dime, March 2017...Enjoy !!

Marc Ducret, guitar & voice

01 - Improvisation 1  22:18
02 - Improvisation 2  15:44
03 - Encore 02:27

Total = 40:29

Edit details (Nero 8 unless indicated):

Equalised volume levels during the source transitions
Stitched in applause from source 2 to remove the studio talk that was subsequently added to source 1
Flac tags (Tag & Rename)
Flac 6, md5 & SBE / decode check (TLH)

JVC Jazz Festival 06-09-1990 Houston, Texas FM>FLAC

George Benson

01. Announcement / Brazilian Stomp 5:56
02. Interview with George Benson 0:54
03. Affirmation / Blues in B-flat (McCoy Tyner) 7:33

McCoy Tyner

04. Blues in B-flat (continued) 6:24
05. Radio Talk 0:18

Lee Ritenour

06. St. Bart's 3:15
07. St. Bart's (continued) 2:50
08. Stolen Moments 7:54

Miles Davis

09. Perfect Way 4:55
10. Tutu (incomplete) 6:47

For Miles Davis:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mintzer's Very Personal 2017 WDR Big Band Köln; Arrangement, Leitung und Saxofon: Bob Mintzer Übertragung aus dem Kulturhaus, Lüdenscheid mp2 unedited

Mintzer's Very Personal 2017
Die Erfolgsgeschichte geht weiter: Seit vielen Jahren tourt die WDR Big Band Köln durch die Clubs in NRW, um ihr Projekt "Very Personal" zu präsentieren. Ab 20 Uhr hier im Video-Livestream.
Der Name ist Programm: den Konzertbesuchern bietet sich auch in dieser Saison wieder die Möglichkeit, die Band hautnah zu erleben. Während in anderen Projekten oft Gastsolisten bzw. die Geschlossenheit des Klangkörpers im Vordergrund stehen, präsentiert sie sich hier als ein schillerndes Solisten-Ensemble, in dem ganz unterschiedliche Temperamente und Profile zum Ausdruck kommen. Für die aktuelle Ausgabe von "Very Personal" hat Bob Mintzer, der Chefdirigent der WDR Big Band, eine Auftragskomposition geschrieben. Nachdem er in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten regelmäßig für die Band geschrieben und sie geleitet hat, kennt Mintzer die solistische Qualität der Bandmitglieder sehr genau. Damit steht dieser erneuten und einzigartigen Symbiose nichts mehr im Wege, so dass der berühmte Funke ganz bestimmt auch diesmal wieder auf das Publikum überspringen wird. WDR 3 überträgt das Konzert live aus dem Kulturhaus in Lüdenscheid.
WDR Big Band Köln
Bob Mintzer (Arrangement, Leitung, Saxofon)
Live aus dem Kulturhaus, Lüdenscheid
Moderation: Jörg Heyd
Redaktion: Bernd Hoffmann

John Scofield "Country for Old Men"-Dhafer Youssef-FestivalOnzePlus 2016 mp2 (unedited)

Le grand John Scofield n'en finit pas d'être de retour sur scène, visiblement de plus en plus heureux de jouer avec ses vieux potes Steve Swallow (qu'il qualifie, pour les Etats-Unis et le Jazz, de " National Treasure ", Larry Goldings et Bill Stewart. Son programme " Country for Old Men ", petit clin d'oeil au titre de film des Frères Cohen " No Country for Old Men " est pour lui prétexte à se remémorer la musique qu'il découvrait adolescent. Et ces mélodies souvent simples et plutôt " down to earth ", il les magnifie de très belle manière.
Et en complément de programme, c'est Dhafer Youssef qui délivrera un message musical qui transcende origines, couleurs et nationalités.

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart SWR Studio Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany 1980 FM>FLAC

Tracks 1-3:
Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart + Engstfeld/Herr Quartet
Wolfgang Dauner - p
Michel Herr - p
Wolfgang Engstfeld - ts
Palle Daniellson - b
Leroy Lowe - dr
Didier Lockwood - vio

Track 4:
Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart + Toto Blanke's Electric Circus
Norbert Daeumling - b
Heinrich Hock - dr
Charlie Mariano - ss
Trilok Gurtu - perc
Johannes Faerber - t
Wolfgang Dauner - p
Toto Blanke - g

1. Continuous Flow 7:20
2. Changes 7:43
3. Blues For Ede 7:22
4. Bolero Torcello 23:32

FM > Revox A76 Tuner > Revox A77 (1/2 track, 7 1/2 ips)
March 2007: Revox A77 (1/2 track, 7 1/2 ips) > Audiophile 24/96 > CDWave > Flac frontend

Originally uploaded to DIME by joerg in April 2007.
Reseeded by propylaen in January 2014.


ps this is one awesome set of music. highly recommended.

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Steve Lehman Octet Jazzfest Berlin 2016, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Große Bühne, November 2016 mp2>flac

| Jonathan Finlayson, tp | Mark Shim, ts | Tim Albright, tb | Chris Dingman, vib | Jose Davila, tuba | Drew Gress, b | Jalon Archie, dr | Steve Lehman, as, comp |


- Jazzfest Berlin 2016 Brooklyn-Berlin-Dialogues 1 & 2 (Mary Halvorson Ingrid Laubrock Aki Takase) Various dates mp2>flac

I upgraded my wav splitting program and it does not work anymore. Until I can figure it out I can only share the unedited files. My apologies if there are long stretches of talking in a foreign language or other such annoyances but until I can get the wav file splitting software to work it's this or nothing. Thank you. Bill

Gitarrist James Blood Ulmer beim 6. Birdland Radio Jazz Festival in Neuburg an der Donau. Aufnahme vom 18. November 2016 aus dem Jazzclub "Birdland".mp2>flac

"Hell and High Water" (James Blood Ulmer)
"Light eyed" (James Blood Ulmer)
"Exit" (James Blood Ulmer)
"Street Bride" (James Blood Ulmer)
"Timeless" (James Blood Ulmer)
"Jazz is the teacher, funk is the preacher" (James Blood Ulmer)
"Are you glad to be in America" (James Blood Ulmer)


Tim Garland Electric Quartet/ Mare Nostrum 2016 mp2>flac

Tim Garland Electric Quartet

Jason Rebello, p, keyb
Ant Law, g
Asaf Sirkis, dr
Tim Garland, ts, ss

Turner Sims, University of Southampton / Großbritannien, Mai 2016


Mare Nostrum

Paolo Fresu, tp, flh
Richard Galliano, accordion
Jan Lundgren, p

Cully Jazz Festival 2016, Marquee, Cully / Schweiz, April 2016


Big Joe's Birdland, Boogie Woogie Waltz & Beyond: hr-Bigband feat. Jim Beard, cond. & arr. by Jim McNeely Eine Hommage an den austro-amerikanischen Tasten-Virtuosen Joe Zawinul, hr-Sendesaal Frankfurt, Februar 2016 mp2>flac

No other info provided. I upgraded my wav splitting program and it does not work anymore. Until I can figure it out I can only share the unedited files. My apologies if there are long stretches of talking in a foreign language or other such annoyances but until I can get the wav file splitting software to work it's this or nothing. Thank you. Bill

Monday, March 6, 2017

FAT - Fabulous Austrian Trio Studio 2, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, Germany 27 July 2016 mp2>flac

Broadcast: BR Klassik Jazztime 2016-08-05 
Source: DVB-S > ts > mp2 (48 KHz, 320 Kbps) 
Recorded by Lewojazz. Many thanks! 

1. Flexibility 

2. L'appel de la mer 

3. Repeat after me 
4. Oh Lard 
5. Hippedie Hop 
6. Bye Bye 

Total time 44:43 

Alex Machacek - guitar, composer 
Raphael Preuschl - bass 
Herbert Pirker - drums 

Lineage: mp2 > BeLight > wav (16/44) > Adobe Audition CS6 (tracking) > TLH (fix SBEs) > FLAC (L8) 
Conversion & editing by propylaen

RIP Misha Mengelberg Misha Mengelberg with RAI Big Band : Eight Reflections of The Crocodile Silopo recorded live on 19 May 1980 at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, ITALY FM>FLAC

recorded live on 19 May 1980 at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, ITALY, during the series of "I concerti di Un Certo Discorso", promoted by Radiotre-RAI in cooperation with the Assessorato alla Cultura of the cities of Roma and Venezia. Artistic direction by Filippo Bianchi and Pasquale Santoli.

Misha Mengelberg, pianoforte
Enrico Rava, trumpet
Ray Anderson, trombone
Larry Fishkind, tuba
Renato Geremia, tenor sax and violin
Eugenio Colombo, alto sax and flutes
Giovanni Tommaso, double bass
Han Bennink, drums
* RAI Big Band
saxophones, clarinets and flutes - Baldo Maestri, Sal Genovese, Beppe Carrieri, Gianni Oddi, Carlo Metallo
trumpets - Cicci Santucci, Doriano Beltrame, Oscar Valdambrini, Nino Culasso
trombones - Gennaro Baldino, Giancarlo Beccattini, Marco Pellacani, Dino Piana
vibraphone - Carlo Zoffoli.  guitar - Pino Rucher
[they are maybe NOT playing in this occasion, but part of the orchestra were also Alfredo Santoloci (saxes), Michele Lacerenza (trumpet), Roberto Pregadio (piano), Roberto Zappulla (drums), Maurizio Majorana (contrabass), Sergio Coppetelli (guitar)]

recorded live on 19 May 1980 at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, ITALY, during the series of "I concerti di Un Certo Discorso", promoted by Radiotre-RAI in cooperation with the Assessorato alla Cultura of the cities of Roma and Venezia. Artistic direction by Filippo Bianchi and Pasquale Santoli.

one of the few shows organized by the Italian RAI during 1980 (see included original bill) from an idea of Pasquale Santoli to unite some famed soloists with RAI Big Band, on this occasion that night was divided in two distinctive parts, first a suite composed by Enrico Rava (called "Fragments", to be re-broadcast next week), and then a second suite composed by Mengelberg () here featured.  Also included in the folder as track 00 a long radio introduction in ITALIAN with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 5'29", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian.

(00 radio introduction by Pino Saulo)
01- Bite
02- Fatally Whistering
03- Pity
04- Swimming And Walking, pt.1
05- Swimming And Walking, pt.2
06- Too Big
07- Excrements
08- The Grief Of The Crocodiles
09- Dinner
10- radio outro

running time : 67'21" (without radio intro and outro)
WITH radio intros/outros, it would be 73'50"

FM radio broadcast by "Battiti dal Vivo", Radio3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on saturday 21 January 2016, 24:06 hours [CET].
Anche questa notte riproponiamo un concerto della serie organizzata da Pasquale Santoli per Un certo discorso.  La formazione guidata da Misha Mengelberg, che si avvale della presenza di musicisti come Han Bennink, Enrico Rava, Ray Anderson, Eugenio Colombo, Renato Geremia e Giovanni Tommaso, è una splendida testimonianza dell'estro creativo, di stampo quasi dadaista, dell'epoca. Tra continue giocose invenzioni, spunti dissacratori e performance rumoristiche si snocciola il repertorio creato dal maestro olandese che si avvale della Big Band della RAI

Lineage (FM > Hard Disc > web):
ITT HiFi4060 Tuner > Audacity 2.0  via  Asus A7S333 C-Media CMI8738/C3DX soundcard > 44100hz/16bit .aup > flac's (level 8) > webtorrenting
folder size : 480 mb

firstly upped by survivor69 on, 23-january-2017 (dimeupload #1693)

These are correct:

Quintessential Louis Hayes 80th Birthday Celebration Band Bimhuis, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) February 18, 2017 mp3 webcast

Jeremy Pelt - trumpet
Danny Grissett - piano
Dezron Douglas - bass
Louis Hayes - drums

01. Interview Vera Vingerhoeds with Louis Hayes (11:30)

First set
02. Stage introduction (2:04)

03. The Theme from Mr. Lucky (Henry Mancini) (8:15)
04. Easy Walker (Billy Taylor) (12:06)
05. Announcement by Jeremy Pelt (7:24)
06. Phantasy in D (Cedar Walton) (10:43)
07. (14:42)
08. (9:23)

09. Bimhuis Radio presentation (0:32)

second set
01. Happy Times (Freddie Hubbard) (6:59)
02. French Spice (Donald Byrd) (12:30)
03. Announcement by Jeremy Pelt (1:34)
04. Book's Bossa (Walter Booker) (11:47)
05. (8:44)
06. Announcement by Jeremy Pelt / Speech by Louis Hayes (4:04)
07. (9:00)
08. Announcement by Jeremy Pelt (2:54)
09. Bolivia (Cedar Walton) (8:05)

10. Bimhuis Radio outro (0:27)

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