Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rainer Bruninghaus-Trilok Gurtu Duo Friedrichshafen, Germany (1-3) Jazzfest Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany (4-6) 1986-xx-xx fm flac

Rainer Bruninghaus-piano, keyboards
Trilok Gurtu-percussion

Lineage- cd-r trade of seemingly FM or Soundboard sourced material> EAC disc extraction> TLH Wav to flac formatting> TLH torrent creation> DIME

1- Unknown 21:24
2- Stufen 11:34
3- Raga Rag 07:41
4- Fantasies No. 07:48
5- Read and Run 11:07
6- Sequence 09:31

Very nice recording from 2 shows of an interesting duo featuring Bruninghaus, best known for his work with Eberhard Weber and Jan Garbarek, in the company of his future Garbarek bandmate, Gurtu. Not sure if these selections represent the full shows played or the sum total of gigs these two might've done as a duo. If anyone has info about any of that, the specific recording dates,  or the identity of the unknown title, please add it in the comments section.
Got this in a trade long ago and was inspired to upload it now due to Metamarc seeding a show that these two did with John Abercrombie about a year after the shows represented here.
Thanks to the original recorder, and the person who traded it to me.
Please be sure to support these fine musicians by paying to see them live and by purchasing their officially released material.

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