Thursday, December 1, 2016

Misha Mengelberg - Ab Baars - Yuri Honing - Berlin 2002 FM Recorded live at Funkhaus Berlin, Studio 10, Berlin, Germany October 20, 2001

Source: FM>CD-rec>flac

Misha Mengelberg - piano
Ab Baars - tenor sax, clarinet
Yuri Honing - tenor sax

1. Some Sentimental Journeys 1  28:44
   (Mengelberg, Baars, Honing)
2. Clarinet Improvisation  5:55
3. Some Sentimental Journeys 2  16:46
   (Mengelberg, Baars, Honing)
4. Everything Happens To Me  6:13
   (Adair, Dennis)


Lucky said...

I'd like to hear them cats! In 2001 Misha still was in good shape. Don't recall ever having heard Baars and Honing together, Baars only entered my radar with his duo album "Playing" with Mengelberg. Let's see if I was too quick to comment and you're still uploading the goodie... :)


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Lucky said...

bedankt °u°

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