Monday, December 19, 2016

JAZZ OF A MINORITY WBAI Radio, New York City 21 April 1964 Group Panel Discussion with Ornette Coleman, George Russell, Mort Perry, Gunther Schuller, Cecil Taylor, Leroi Jones. (NO MUSIC)

This was requested by a fellow jazz fanatic. No music herein.

Topics include club owners, music critics, Downbeat editorial policies, free jazz and audiences, working class relation to music, social revolution and race, and free jazz and it's relation to the space age.

A real rarity and sure to be a treat for anyone interested in 20th-century jazz and social issues.  Please keep those windows open and seed, seed, seed!  If you like to see these more rare gems show up amongst the Springsteen and Dylan, write some feedback below and show your solidarity!

TT: 72:28

pre-fm reel dub > cdr > AIFF > FLAC



  2. Thanks very much for sharing this history.

  3. Bill, thanks for fulfilling my request (again) and so quickly too.
    I never heard of Mort Perry so I assume he's the moderator.

  4. I assume so too. To be honest I have not listened to this myself....