Wednesday, November 2, 2016

ROB MAZUREK - Sala A of CPRF (RAI Studios) in via Asiago, Roma, 4 Novemebr 2014 FM>FLAC

ROB MAZUREK - cornet, electronics, pianoforte

recorded in Sala A of CPRF (RAI Studios) in via Asiago, Roma, on tuesday 4 Novemebr 2014

this is a rare solo outing by mazurek for italian radio, in which he also plays the PIANO, on its own or effected in many a way, and the cornet, also playing that cornet through that piano... the music is somehow varied, but it's nowhere jazz, it's actually way closer to some classical contemporary composer or avantgarde. These pieces should be newly composed (or improvised) and have as (working) titles impressions or subjects of his recent stay in Rome. Unfortunately, only the first and last are properly announced by the radio introduction, others are simply mentioned, thus we don't know the proper running order or how many tunes are actually in here. I counted seven, but only six are mentioned: could be more, could be less...  Also included in the folder as track 00 a short radio introduction in ITALIAN with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 4'06", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian.

(00 - radio introduction by Pino Saulo)
track 1 should be "Cy Twombly's tomb"
track 2 could be "la Conversione di San Paolo" or "la Crocifissione di San Pietro"
track 3 could be "la Crocifissione di San Pietro" or "la Conversione di San Paolo"
track 4 could be "Via Margutta" or whatever else
track 5 could be whatever or Via Margutta pt.II
track 6 should be "Spanish Steps"
track 7 should be "Sweet Life in This Repair"
track 8 are stage outros and end credits 1.41

running time : 56'07" (excluding radio intros)
WITH radio intro it would be 60'13"

FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - Radio Tre Suite Jazz", Radio 3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on wednesday 26 November 2014, 23:02 hours [CET].

Lineage (FM > wav > flacs > web):
Sony ST-S370 tuner > Sony PCM-D50 linear PCM recorder > 44.100khz/16bit wav on Sony Memory Stick ProDuo [mark2] > usb > Audacity 1.3.5 Beta (editing and track splitting) > 44.100khz/16bit flac's (level 8) > webtorrenting

firstly upped by survivor69 on, 27-november-2014 (dimeupload #1275)

checksum file included - if uploaded on other trackers or reseed (and you are welcome to do both), please include original infofile and also do not change FOLDER name. Also, if not satisfied with my offering, you are welcome to remaster/retrack/whatever and repost, but please always clearly state where/who did you have this material from and keep original infofile. IF YOU ARE THEN OFFERING THIS SET ON YOUR BLOG AS mp3's, PLEASE SPECIFY WHERE TO ALSO GET THE ORIGINAL LOSSLESS FILES


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