Friday, November 25, 2016

Mark Isham In A Silent Way Project Ronnie Scott's, London FM>FLAC

Mark Isham - Trumpet
Peter Manu - Guitar
Steve Cardenas - Guitar
Doug Lunn - Bass
Michael Barsimanto - Drums

CD1 (Kinebee)
01-All Blues > Inamorata (15.24)
02-Announcement (00.12)
03-Spanish Key (22.04)

CD2 (Mine)
04-Right Off (16.16)
05-Announcement (00.19)
06-In a Silent Way (12.57)
07-Announcement (00.18)
08-Azael (Isham) > It's About That Time (21.03)
09-Black Satin (05.22)


upkerry14 said...

francisco santos said...

i love this one!...

Pino said...

Yeow!! Thanks a million for the upgrade on this one! One of Isham's great ventures that I've had only as a single CD (and date on this is June 1999).

By the way, if you should happen to come upon it. Isham's Silent Way Project did a performance for a now defunkt PBS show called "Sessions on West 54th Street." Was broadcast on KQED in CA and on WNET in NY in 2000. Have been searching for years for an audio capture of the performance. If you find it, please grab it!

Thanks again, upkerry, for this and all the excellent recordings you've been offering.