Tuesday, November 15, 2016

LONDON JAZZ FESTIVAL 2008: Roy Hargrove Quintet & BBC Big Band mp2

Roy Hargrove, trumpet, flicorno
Justin Robinson, alto sax, flute
Gerald Clayton, piano
Danton Boller, bass
Montez Coleman, drums
BBC Big Band conducted by Roy Hargrove

Recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall - London

November 19, 2008

Broadcasted By Rai-Radio Tre
July 05, 2010

First Set : Roy Hargrove Quintet

01 - Camaraderie  13:16
02 - Brown-Rouge  05:54
03 - Speak Low (Weill,Nash)  11:04
04 - I'm Not Shure (walton)  15:51
05 - Nothing Serious (Quintero) 06:40
06 - Bring It On Home(Cooke) 02:46    
     To Me

Second Set : Roy Hargrove Quintet
             & BBC Big Band

01 - Unknown  06:34
02 - Requiem (Lacy) 12:42
03 - Trapezio  08:00
04 - Roy Allan 07:05

Lineage : DVB-T > Mp2(192 kbps, 48 KHZ) > HD > Mp3 DirectCut > DIME    


upkerry14 said...


francisco santos said...

P.S. do you have more ''Hargrove''(flac)???...

Newlyner said...

Great post. Many thanks for posting.

cvllos said...

Sorry for asking ,but I just discovered your blog; unfortunate the link is dead (Zippy doesn't have pity of Jazz lovers and in just one year it deletes its link). There are excelent interpretations on it like Nothing Serious, a simple melody that makes possible great improvises.

Bill said...

I understand but it's almost impossible for me to find the show again once it's disappeared into the Bill's Bermuda Triangle Box in the garage. I am trying to void spending all my time doing reups bit *if* I can find it easily I'll reup some shows.......

cvllos said...

Thank you, Bill, for you concern. BTW, try to listen Nothing Serious on Rheingau recording. Fabulous, mainly with Jonathan Batiste on piano keepin' the melody while all the gang improvises. Hugs frim Brasil/Rio!!!