Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Larry Carlton 10.30.78 My Father's Place Long Island, NY Source: FM>FLLAC

01. Intro/ Mr 335
02. Listen To My Story
03. Don't Give It Up
04. Rio Samba
05. It Was Only Yesterday
06. Midnight Parade
07. Put It Where You Want It
08. Tight Squeeze

Really smokin' LC performance. At times, it sounds like his guitar is gonna explode right out of the speakers, from all the energy. Good stuff!
Lineage: CD-r > AIFF > XACT> Flac

Sound:  A
Performance: A


upkerry14 said...


francisco santos said...

like it a lot!....

wcpaeb said...

Bill can you tell me he password for your old One Week Man blog because I have a few files that I didn't get around to extracting and I now need the password in order to do that.

upkerry14 said...

I am sorry to say I have no idea. What are the shows and I will reup them here for you if I can find them. Bill

wcpaeb said...

Ok thanks.
I tried a bunch of the obvious ones one week man, upkerry11, upkerry14, Bill etc but no luck.
I think the only one that I didn't get around to extracting is one that I requested which is a panel discussion I think George Russell is one on the musicians on the panel

JAZZ OF A MINORITY - WBAI Radio, New York City 21 April 1964 (880mb)


wcpaeb said...

The reason the file size is so large is because it not only includes flac files but wav too. You can just include the flac so the file size will be smaller

wcpaeb said...

Found more info this should make it easier for you to find.

JAZZ OF A MINORITY WBAI Radio, New York City 21 April 1964 Group Panel Discussion with Ornette Coleman, George Russell, Mort Perry, Gunther Schuller, Cecil Taylor, Leroi Jones. TT: 72:28 w/art (321)

upkerry14 said...

OK I'll look for it and send you a link. I believe that's the one with no music? Email? Bill