Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dave Pike Set (feat. Volker Kriegel) Live @ Stadttheater, Bremerhaven on March 03, 1969 FM FLAC

01) Stage announcement
02) Teaming Up (Volker Kriegel)
03) Noisy Silence (Volker Kriegel)
04) Dave Pike speaks
05) Regards From Freddie Horowitz (Dave Pike)
06) I'm On My Way (Hans Rettenbacher)
07) Soul Eggs (Volker Kriegel)
08) Dave Pike speaks
09) Somewhat, Somewhere, Somehow (Volker Kriegel)
10) Sitting On My Knees (Volker Kriegel)

Please note: I decided to share the complete recording
with some intro words in the beginning by the host Arne Schumacher
and the fade out of track 10 at about 2:48!

So you'll get the complete broadcast!

Dave Pike - vibes, vocals
Volker Kriegel - guitars
Hans Rettenbacher - bass
Peter Baumeister - drums

always share for free and always as a lossless recording!
Support the artists and live music!!

lineage: Denon AM/FM Stereo Receiver DRA 455 -> Zoom H2 digital recorder
-> SD Card - Adobe Audition -> normalized to 100% -> tracked -> flac -> YOU!

upload to Dime by jdf in September 2014

Jazz Fans - Enjoy!!


upkerry14 said...

francisco santos said...

nice one, brother!...

anon'n'on said...

diggin the dave,thanks

Pino said...

Dave Pike!!! - wonderful blast from the past. Thanks much for this one.

Andy said...

Thanks very much. :)

jawn john said...

Where's the FLAC? What to do with these .7z format files please?

Bill said...

If you've never unzipped a file before read this:

and yes, you're welcome for the music.