Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kurt Rosenwinkel with the HR Big Band conducted by Mike Holober Sendeshal Frankfurt, Germany 2015-06-12 Both Sets dvb-s>FLAC

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Set 1-

1- Homage to Mitch
2- Brooklyn Sometimes
3- Interscape
4- Mike Holober speaks
5- Heavenly Bodies
6- Mike Holober and Kurt R speak
7- The Cross

Set 2-

08- Opening Announcements
09- Filters
10- East Coast Love Affair
11- Mike Holober speaks
12- Star of Jupiter

Nice, relatively recent show from about 6 months ago of Kurt with yet another big band that's arranged some of his music. He does work in this setting sometimes and collaborates from time to time with Portugal's OJM. He's also done one offs with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra in NYC back in 2013, and even the US Airforce's Airmen of Note in 2010.
This particular show is noteworthy because it features the song Interscape, which is thus far only found on Kurt's Soundcloud page. It was listed there as some sort of preview for a not yet released project called Caipi.
This show also has a few songs from 2012's Star of Jupiter, which is Kurt's latest officially released recording, as of this date.Kurt is supposed to be doing some shows in 2016 with the OJM again, so not sure if any of this repertoire will appear on these upcoming setlists.
There are also some youtube videos of Kurt with the OJM within the last year or 2 from Barcelona dates where they do his compositions Another Time (not yet officially released on a recording) and Turns. Those are worth searching out if you like hearing his compositions rendered in this big band setting.
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upkerry14 said...

francisco, since you're one of the few who says thanks let me know if you are looking for anyone or any group in particular and I'll do my best to upload some if I have any. Cheers, Bill

guairao said...

Many thanks for your invitation. Your blog is very interesting and from today I will be a frequent visitor. Greetings from Valdivia, Chile

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i just love live performances and your selection is very wibe open with artists from all aspects of comtenporary, bebop, hardbop and free jazz, so i am very happy just to follow, ....maybe Buster williams or Steve Nelson,but just keep doing what you're doing it's fantastic
BIG THX for this amazing place!....