Monday, September 5, 2016

JOE LOVANO - JOHN SCOFIELD QUARTET Casino de Montbenon Lausanne (Switzerland) October 29, 2015 (Jazz once+ Festival)

Joe Lovano (ts), John Scofield (g), Ben Street (b), Bill Stewart (dr)

01. ETTENRO - 8:25
02. HANGOVER - 11:44
03. CHAP DANCE - 11:07
04. - 9:41
05. CYMBALISM - 7:36
06. (inc.) - 4:43

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Stream by Lewojazz


Pedro del Castillo Alonso said...

Thank you!!

t y said...

Great! BTW, where did you get this? I mean the Sco's shows are banned on the most famous tracker sites. If there's one I'd like to know that. Thanks!

upkerry14 said...
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upkerry14 said...

I get many Sco shows and others not allowed on DIME via a friend and share them here. Let me know if there's someone you are looking for and I'll do my best to share it here. Cheer, Bill

agmosk said...

Very nice blog, upkerry! Thanks!

Adrian said...

Good luck with this very promising project! Best wishes, Plöp @ 365trios.

guairao said...

Many thanks!!