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Freddie Hubbard Quintet "Concerts By the Sea" Redondo Beach, Ca. U.S.A. December 31, 1983

Freddie Hubbard Quintet
Freddie Hubbard: trumpet and flugelhorn
Bob Shepherd: reeds
Billy Childs: piano
Herbie Lewis: bass
Steve Houghton: drums (formerly with Gary Burton group)
and a few guests in parts
Bernard Eigner: sax, vocals *
Ray Armando: percussion
Henry Butler: (solo) piano, tracks 7-10)

"Concerts By the Sea"
Redondo Beach, Ca. U.S.A.
December 31, 1983
runtime: 147:00 (minutes/ seconds)
performance quality: A or close to it, sounded nice to my ears
recording quality:  same as above, a good clean FM recording

  1: radio announcer 1:31
  2: the night has a thousand eyes 14:33
  3: misty 9:35
  4: Freddie talks and radio announcer (set break) 1:43
  5: last moments of 1983 (Freddie talk and crowd cheering) and Auld Lang Syne 3:21
  6: super blue 13:56 (endspliced, tape flip)
  7: Henry Butler 3:15 (piano solo)
  8: 5:58
  9: 3:25
  10: 3:33
  11: Bernard Eigner introduction :59
  12: everything must change 6:26 *
  13: I've learned to wait 4:46 *
  14: you are so beautuful 4:44 *
  15: my funny valentine 9:53 (endspliced, tape flip)
  16: Henry Butler 4:27 (another set break)
  17: 4:51  
  18: 3:50
  19: announcer introduction final set 3:35
  20: announcer and Howard Rumsey talk (owner of venue) 2:01
  21: ? 16:20  
  22: Freddie talks 3:31
  23: up jumps spring 13:48
  24: Freddie talk (band introductions) 3:09
  25: announcer closing credits 2:25
  26: announcer 1:23

lineage:  WBUR 90.9 FM radio > Sansui 8 reciever with wire antenna >
          unknown average quality cassette deck (dolby off) >
          Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassettes >
          played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
          flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
          a this and that, masters of jazz production.
          do not sell this recording.
          share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
          if burning to cD, start disc 2 with track 15
          CD 1:  1-14, 77:46
          CD 2: 15-26, 69:14

  this was from the 1983-84 New Year's Eve N.P.R. broadcast from
across America, which was from a few different locations. This is
the complete third part of it (the 1st 2 were from more Easterly
U.S. locations) which is mostly Freddie Hubbard ushering in 1984
on the West Coast of the U.S.  Freddie was in good
spirits and put on a nice show that was heard all across the U.S.A.
on this night. the only title I couldn't identify is track 12,
it's one of the better songs of the show. I don't think anything
is cut in here. 


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